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Burlesque Betty Large Bag Wet Felting Craft Kit

Burlesque Betty Large Bag Wet Felting Craft Kit

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Great design & detailed project by Gillian Glad Rags. Another head turner of a stunning bag when made up! Dramatic and very cute! Included in this Felting kit is everything you need, including a ready cut plastic template, all the wool tops for the bag and the rose/leaves and full step-by-step instructions written by Gillian.

There are also FREE YouTube tutorials by Gillian which support the making of this kit on our @Gilliangladrag YouTube Channel.

Finished size: approx 13 inches wide (at widest point) by 12.5 inches high

IMPORTANT - Please note that a large Bamboo mat and netting (which we sell separately) is required to make this bag, : plus soap and water! :-) 

You can ourchase the mat and netting here.


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