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Call for Submissions!

Are you a passionate fiber artist with a flair for creativity and innovation? We invite you to submit your original patterns and designs for various fiber arts disciplines. Whether you specialize in needle felting, weaving, wet felting, macramé, or dyeing, we're excited to collaborate with you and showcase your artistic talents.

We are looking for patterns we can create into kits. If your pattern is accepted you will be paid a fee, listed on the packaging as the artist, have a link to your URL as well. We will share the rights ( we can sell the design as a kit with payment and attribution to you as the artist, and you can continue selling the design as well).S

Submissions that are complete, quality patterns that our customers can replicate and include detailed instructions will be prioritized for acceptance. Submitting a proposal does not guarantee acceptance.

Submission Categories:

1. Needle Felting:

  • Popular and beginner-level needle felting projects:  (Gnomes and woodland figures (gnomes, tomptnes, mushrooms, fairies, owls, deer, etc.)
  • Winter and holiday-themed projects (trees, ornaments, nativity scenes, sheep, pinecones, snowmen, penguins, etc.)
  • Birds
  • Fall/winter landscape projects (landscapes with cattails, birch trees, moon scenes, etc.)
  • Felted notebooks and other gift ideas

2. Wet Felting:

  • Scarves, hats, purses, wall hangings, and similar items

3. Weaving:

  • Projects using frame or rigid heddle looms with various fibers and techniques

4. Macramé:

  • Holiday ornaments (macramé gnomes, trees, etc.)
  • Wall hangings
  • Functional art such as purses, bookshelves, and more

Submission Guidelines:

  • Your submission should include a detailed description of the pattern or design, along with high-quality images showcasing your work.
  • Feel free to submit multiple designs across different categories.
  • If you have ideas for content to share on our media sites (blogs), please provide a brief outline of your proposed content.

Our Initiatives: We're excited to introduce a new line of craft kits featuring artists we partner with. 

    Payment and Rights: If your pattern is selected for production as a kit, we will offer payment ranging from $150 to $250, depending on the design's complexity and uniqueness. You will retain shared rights for the pattern. We will feature your design in our kit, providing credit and a link to your website or profile. You're welcome to publish and sell the pattern yourself, and if you create your own kits, you can continue to sell those too, as long as they are priced at the same or higher price as our kit. Additionally, we'll make our kits of your designs available to you at our wholesale cost so you can easily sell these for a profit.

    Submissions for kits: Please submit your patterns, designs, and content proposals to ana@bellasflock.com.
    Please include:
    -your name and business name if you have one
    -image(s) of your design and instructions to make the design
    -supply list
    -a paragraph or two about you 

    If accepted, we will need more detailed instructions and a completed project sent to us for photographs. We will also have several test makers create the project and help define a thorough set of steps for the project.

    We are accepting submissions on a rolling basis.

    ALSO, if you would like to have content featured- such as free patterns or articles, on our new sites, please also reach out!

    Feel free to reach out with any questions or clarifications.

    Join us in celebrating the vibrant world of fiber arts and be part of our journey to inspire and empower fellow artists!


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    Bella's Flock
    retail store in Buffalo, MN
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