We're Hiring!

Are you a passionate fiber artist with a flair for creativity and teaching? We invite you to apply for one or more of the positions open.

Looking for fiber artists skilled in:

  • needle felting
  • wet felting
  • weaving ( small looms, frame looms, Inkle looms  and rigid heddle.)
  • wool applique/felt embroidery
  •  Dyeing fibers (natural / indigo / acid)
  • spinning

(Note - you don't have to consider yourself a pro to apply! If you're interested, but wonder if you've been doing your craft long enough, please don't let this stop you from reaching out!)

POSITIONS OPEN (all remote/ hourly or project-based):

  1. Fiber Art Guide in our new Facebook group. This would involve answering questions in your area of expertise and creating a couple of quick tips and demos each month. - 
  2. Class Instructor. Run online classes teaching in your area of expertise to our audience. We take care of all of the logistics in terms of getting materials  or kids to people and the registration. and we will work with you on your video setup to make this easy for you on your end. Classes can either be live, or prerecorded.
  3. Class Instructor - live in Buffalo, MN.  if you live in the area we'd love to have you teach a class live in our shop. We have a great customer base who loves to attend classes.  if you don't live in our area but would like to run a live workshop, do reach out and we can chat!
  4. Kit Demonstrator and video maker.  if you like making videos, we are  hiring folks to do video demos of our kits.  We are looking for short fast action/reel video formats to use on social media and in our ads. Reach out if this sounds like you!
  5. Kit Designer.  if you have a design or two or twenty,  we'd love to talk with you about turning them into a kits. And we're also interested in finding somebody to work with in an ongoing way to develop kits. Reach out for more details!

Interested? Send an email to Ana, ana@bellasflock.com

We are growing quickly and would love to connect!