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Mini Wreath with Felted Spring Characters!

Mini Wreath with Felted Spring Characters!

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These mini wreaths made of honey suckle and featuring  charming felted figures - perfect for Spring! Choose from 6 designs - or buy a set! Hang in windows or on a wall. Can even add a few drops of essential oil for instant potpourri!

4 inches tall. Wool wreath + wool felted figures. Hand made, certified Fair Trade in Nepal.

1) Fishing gnome -Charming hand felted gnome, happily fishing while surrounded by merry mushrooms.

2) Garden Fairy - You'll love the expressive hand felted details of the lovely garden fairy surrounded by flowers

3) Busy Bees -Busy hand felted bees buzz about a lovingly handmade hive and miniature honey suckle-style wreath.

4) Cardinal - This lovingly handmade cardinal is nestling inside a miniature honey suckle-style wreath.

5)Mushroom & Snail - charming hand felted mushroom and snail duo

6)Love doves - This lovey dovey pair of doves love nestling inside our miniature honey suckle-style wreath

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