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Jumbo Flyers for Kromski Spinning Wheels

Jumbo Flyers for Kromski Spinning Wheels

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"Surprisingly easy to learn! It's the fastest way to unwind and relax." - Jennifer J. .★★★★★5.0

Jumbo Flyers add nearly 2 times the space for yarn, making them great for thick yarns, art yarn and plying! Kromski makes jumbo flyers to fit each of their wheels. And you can quickly switch back-and-forth between your standard and jumbo flyer.So whether you have a single drive wheel or a wheel with a double drive option, they make a jumbo flyer for you.

The orifice on the Jumbo Flyer is .7 inches, so you can spin thick yarn or do heavy plys. The ratios are great for low or medium speeds. For some, this will be their everyday flyer! Each Jumbo Kit comes includes one jumbo bobbin.

Magnetic Jumbo Kit on the Fantasia – ratios of 4 and 6 to 1.

The new magnetic jumbo flyer kit for the Fantasia makes switching flyers incredibly fast and easy! Just click the flyer on and off- it's that simple!

Magnetic Jumbo Kit on the Sonata – ratios of 5, 7.5, and 10 to 1.

The NEW Magnetic Sonata Flyer Head from Kromski is a breeze to use with a pre-assembled maiden and ball bearing spindle. The magnetic flyer unit comes ready to attach to the spinning wheel post with the twist of a single knob, just like the original Sonata design.

Jumbo Kit on the Prelude – ratios of 5.5, 7, and 9 to 1.

Jumbo Kit on the Polonaise – ratios of 5 and 7.2 to 1

Jumbo Kit on the Symphony – ratios of 5 and 7.2 to 1

Jumbo Kit on the Minstrel – ratios are 4 and 5.3 to 1 


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